Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Love Explosion

You know what I'm talking about.... when your child does something and it's so sweet or adorable you think your heart just might explode from the love overflowing inside. When they do something and you think, "YES! This is the heart attitude I want to grow in my children."

It has been such a relief to see this happening more and more with my firstborn. It feels like forever that we've been teaching him about having a right attitude and we're finally seeing the fruit of our efforts.

Today my mom asked me to pick up some ice cream cones for her at the grocery store. My son told her, "Gramma, you can save your money and I'll share my ice cream cones with you. Then you can use your money for if Papa needs to fix something." It really touched my heart to hear him say this. Such a simple thing but I know that sharing (especially ice cream cones!) is not a natural response for children. This was so sweet I couldn't help but have a little love explosion inside my heart.

With Gramma at the Christmas parade last year.

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  1. Aww, how sweet. Yesterday my 7 year old ran to open the door for a stranger at the store. I was so touched and you could tell her heart was melting! What a delight to be raising young men for the Lord! Lisa~